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Relative newbie here, I am using the documentation posted here http://developer.yahoo.com/mail/docs/user_...ToAMessage.html under Going Directly To A Message to retrieve the contents of a specific message id. I'm posting an XMLHttpRequest and am usually getting the correct answer in that I get back a whack of html which contains the following:

<script type=\"text/xml\" id=\"launchDataCache\"><!--<xml id=\"launchData\"><SOAP-ENV:Envelope.... <lots more here which includes message details>

However, a few seconds later I can make a call for the exact same message (cuz user refreshed the page or whatever) and get back html which has this instead:

<script type="text/xml" id="launchDataCache"><!--<xml id="msgLaunchData"></xml><xml id="folders"><folders></folders></xml>--></script>

so I don't have any soap envelope or body and no details of any messages and no details for the message I desire.

Anyone able to help me out as to why I am sometimes getting a different response? I'm not sure what this response means, did it not find the message I requested, or did some other error occur? I am getting this whether I submit the response synchronously or asynchronously, though with async this 'bad response' seems to occur much more frequently.



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