Little Problem with my Name


this is only a test, if my name is correctly displayed and Yahoo! helped me. Ignore this post please.

Sincerely, murphy wink.gif

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  • Okay, Yahoo cannot display my name correctly. I hope the support helps me out here. ;)Sincerely, murphy
  • Hello,

    i need some small help....

    I want to update my profile (but cannot cause i'm not old enough (13) for the system) and i cannot find anyone who can help me on Yahoo help forum. I already sent them mails and used the contact formular. The only thing i got are automated mails where i'm informed that i should delete this account and cannot edit my birthday. I never input a birthday in this system. The account is an old one from eGroups.com (older than year 2000), where the birthday wasn't nessaccery. Does someone can help here?

    Sincerely, Torsten
  • Torsten,

    Send me an email directly and I think I can get you some help. Cheers,

    Robyn Tippins (rtippins at yahoo-inc.com)
    Community Manager, YDN

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