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I have two data sets Definition of schema A - Name, city, state A= { Ram,Sunnyvale,CA Soju,Austin,TX Rathos,Bangalore,Karnataka Mike,Portland, OR }

B = { Ram,Refund Soju,Refund


I would like to join these two tables based on state and have the output as follows Schema Definition - Name,City,State,RefundIssued (Yes/No) Ram,Sunnyvale,CA,yes Soju,Austin,TX,yes Rathos,Bangalore,Karnataka,no Mike,Portland, OR,no

when i do join on these two data sets using X=join A by name,B by name I am just getting the entire data set.

I am not sure on how to specify that I need only specific columns and also not use how to program the Refund part

thanks sunil

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