How to use Yahoo API calls in Google Docs using importXML to get totalResultsAvailable,


I need to get Yahoo Inlinks scores for a shedload of URLs, using my preferred 'get an API and use importXML in Google Docs' technique.

However, I really cannot figure out how I grab the totalResultsAvailable parameter here.

This is what I'm using in Google Docs:
=importXml("http://search.yahooapis.com/SiteExplorerService/V1/inlinkData?appid=[my_app_id_here]&query=http://brendancooper.com","/ResultSet/totalResultsAvailable") - where my appid is used for [my_app_id_here]

The call is ok - if you paste http://search.yahooapis.com/SiteExplorerSe...linkData?appid=[my_app_id_here]&query=http://brendancooper.com" into your browser - with your own appid - you can see totalResultsAvailable at the top, and it's 13556-ish at the time of typing.

However, I just cannot figure out the syntax for grabbing that 13556-ish figure into Google Docs. It's part of the ResultSet, which is why I'm trying "/ResultSet/totalResultsAvailable" in my importXML call, but it ain't working. I've tried just about every other combination of backslashes, periods, curved brackets, square brackets etc etc but cannot get it to work.

Can you help? No worries if not.


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