How long does Yahoo retain raw ad server logs?

Hi everyone,

I would contact Yahoo directly with this question, but there are no channels that exist to do so (beyond a mailing address), so I figured I'd ask this question here. As someone concerned about user privacy, I'm trying to get more transparency on Yahoo's data retention practices. However, since 2011 I've seen the following quote in Yahoo's policy as it pertains to logs collected outside of search:

"In addition to the other purposes for which we collect information, other types of log data (ie not relating to search) (such as ad views, ad clicks, page views and page clicks) are retained for a longer period in order to power innovative product development, provide personalized and customized services, and better enable our security systems to detect and defend against fraudulent activity."

I'd like to know if anyone can provide additional clarification on this policy (especially as it relates to the Right Media and B-cookie)? Simply saying that "we keep a record of pretty much everything for awhile" doesn't really help users make informed decisions about where their information is going.

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