How do I obtain historical stock information from yahoo finance via javascript?

Hi everyone,
I'm new to Yahoo Finance since google decided to ditch its finance APIs. I have a google spreadsheet script (javascript) that I'd like to use to collect data historical stock data from yahoo finance, but I know absolutely nothing about YQL, YDN, or any other yahoo-related acronyms.

So my understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong) is that historical stock data cannot be collected via YQL queries, and I have to use some sort of html query string. That's fine, but I have not been able to find any documentation on how to construct these queries (I've seen a few examples online, but without documentation it's somewhat useless).

So if someone could a) give me a simple example of how I might be able to get historical daily price data starting at date X and finishing at date Y into a javascript array and b) tell me where I might find documentation about what options I can modify in the query (historic price between dates, volumes, stock symbol, etc.).

I'm very grateful for your help in advance! Thanks.

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  • I'm disappointed with Google's decision as well and have been digging around looking for solutions.  With specific reference to Yahoo Finance this link has a post which indicates the info you found on the html query string was reverse engineered, not officially supported and, worse, may violate some TOS agreement.  Further down in this discussion, though, someone posted a YQL query to pull data on stock quotes which seems to be officially supported.

    Link is:

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