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Good afternoon,
I'm learning a lot of this as I go, and have come up with the following map for my job:


If you click on the flag numbered "1", you'll see that the smartwindow opens extremely vertically, and it pushes the map way off from the desired area. I would like that smartwindow to open wider so that the text inside wraps a little more logically. Any ideas?

Also, is there a way I can style the text inside that smartwindow? I tried some basic html, even a div, but certain tags kept messing up the map. Any thoughts on that? Below is my code for that marker:

// Create a new marker for an address
var myMarker2 = new YMarker("2240 57th Circle, Vero Beach, FL 32966");
// Create some content to go inside the SmartWindow
var myMarker2Content = "<p><strong>Palm Estates at Vero Beach</strong></p><p>2240 57th Circle<br />Vero Beach</p><p><strong>Developer:</strong> Miami-based Javier Cervera, Cervera-Bankers Holdings LLC<br /><strong>Conversion date:</strong> 2006<br /><strong>Price:</strong> $31.66 million<br /><strong>Units:</strong> 153<br /><strong>Foreclosures:</strong> 89 total foreclosures includes 35 separate foreclosures and 54 units foreclosed on by bank for $12.1 million in 2009<br /><strong>Liens:</strong> 4<br /><strong>Evictions:</strong> 8<br /><strong>State complaints:</strong> 0</p>";

// When the marker is clicked, show the SmartWindow
YEvent.Capture(myMarker2, EventsList.MouseClick,
function() {
// Put the marker on the map


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