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I have a small software who get data(quotes) from the finance api and since 1 month the api is working on and off. If i ask for ten quotes i get around 8 good request and two bad. I really don't know how to make the api working properly.

Did Yahoo made some changes in the api because i did'nt change my code and the sotware was fine but again if my coding was not good how come i can get somes goods quotes and somes requests are denied.

I use Win 7 32


Marc Theriault

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    • Jan 21, 2014

    Those tables are community created and are unsupported. 
  • ??? What is the meaning of the "Yahoo Finance Api" if the api is not supported!!!

    Did someone know another Finance Api who is working?


  • Hi I have one query Is there any way to call out Yahoo finance symbol live on website? I mean not uploading manually any file and names of company. So I can show all yahoo symbol on my website please guide me from which API I have to use. So I don’t have need to add new symbol on my website symbol search box because that will be added by yahoo and automatically shown on my website.

    For earlier help I shall be so much thankful



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