Fantasy Baseball API Not Working

Fantasy Baseball API is not working. I first noticed this yesterday (last time I needed data from Yahoo Fantasy Sports API was 2 weeks ago after previous fantasy week). Queries return this error: "INKApi Error"

Here is one query for instance (I've been using this query for long and it was working before): https://developer.yahoo.com/yql/console/#h=select+*+from+fantasysports.leagues.standings+where+league_key%3D'328.l.1352'

Please take a look at these threads: https://developer.yahoo.com/forum/YQL/Fantasy-Sports-YQL-Console-returning-INKApi/1399927585884-7008ef4d-0696-4114-b789-1840b0f798ff https://developer.yahoo.com/forum/YQL/Fantasy-Baseball-All-Star-Break/1405604995092-827c4ff0-8517-4814-825b-222345dc1a16 ... and solve it. Thank you.

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