Event Repetition Using Calendar API

I'm trying to create a web link to create a recurring event on a user's Yahoo! calendar.

Through a combination of reverse engineering and trawling old posts I've managed to get something most of the way there but I'm still having an issue with the recurring rules.

I need to create an event that recurs on the last Friday of each month. The documentation I found linked to from this forum seemed to imply that this was possible ( ://docs.google.com/document/d/1scDk4WxGzDSGAF6OWiRkKwdQg9zD8kDReTH9cvTZnVo) but when I add '5fr' to the repetition rule the User Interface seems to break and the event is not created correctly. Using 4fr seems to work fine.

I attempted to step through the Javascript parsing process but soon lost my mind in the complexity of the operation, but I did get as far as seeing that the '5' was converted to '-1'. Is it possible there's a bug here somewhere?

Here's a test link to show the issue: https://calendar.yahoo.com/?v=60&view=d&type=20&title=Test%20Event&st=20140207T060000&rend=20140207T230000&desc=Lorem%20ipsum%20dolor%20sit%20amet.&in_loc=London&rpat=1mh5fr

I would appreciate any help you can offer!

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