Errors in Finance tables

Since a few days a lot of tables of yahoo.finance (like balancesheet, options, incomestatement, etc) are no longer working.

They all seem to report the same error: "Exception while converting tidy sanitized html to Dom"

Does anyone know how to fix the errors(!?) or where one could report to, to get it fixed?

See these post for samples: "https://developer.yahoo.com/forum/General-Discussion-at-YDN/yahoo-finance-balancesheet-error/1408317535276-44a6f379-21f2-4085-8821-3464eff766ec and : https://developer.yahoo.com/forum/YQL/finance-option-contract-s-and-yahoo-finance-options-are-down/1408037460974-afc35177-6813-417d-be5d-b551a3bf9ab0

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  • I got to this page looking for the same thing; Would love to know how to report this sort of error.

  • The yahoo.finance tables are not official Yahoo YQL tables. They were created by 3rd parties or were intended as examples. They are also rate limited by the finance site or are occasionally blocked. Also, Yahoo finance data is not approved for commercial usage via YQL.

    From the YQL home page: https://developer.yahoo.com/yql/

    The YQL Service can be used for commercial purposes without prior approval from Yahoo. Developers using the YQL Service fetching data from a content provider need to conform to the Terms of Service of the content provider. Please note that data available on the Yahoo! network (e.g., Finance, Weather) is not approved for commercial usage via YQL, unless mentioned otherwise in the Terms of Service.


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