Display a response from YAHOO IMAGE API

Hi All,

I need a bit of guidance in yahoo image API.

What i am trying to do is creating a a URL for yahoo image API from servlet using stringbuilder class my url looks like this :


I want to display the result of this URL on a HTML/JSP page.

I am using response.sendRedirect(URL) but i am getting an output in html as following :
sunnyvale03 jpgSunnyvale Courthousehttp://www.premierebailbonds.com/images/sunnyvale03.jpghttp://www.premierebailbonds.com/images/sunnyvale03.jpghttp://www.premierebailbonds.com/bail-bonds-sunnyvale-court.html37171jpeg274367 http://thm-a01.yimg.com/image/0f405ef237c4f8c6100135 sheraton sunnyvale san jose hotel picture jpgSay Cheese Sheraton Sunnyvale San Jose Hotelhttp://www.find-your-hotel.com/hotel-photos/san-jose/sheraton-sunnyvale-san-jose-hotel-picture.jpghttp://www.find-your-hotel.com/hotel-photos/san-jose/sheraton-sunnyvale-san-jose-hotel-picture.jpghttp://www.find-your-hotel.com/san-jose-ca/sheraton-sunnyvale-san-jose-hotel.html23142jpeg160250 http://thm-a01.yimg.com/image/56fdc4bfe49dfe0683130

can you please help me how i will be able to display result of a URL from a servlet.


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