Did Yahoo send out a Final Warning about upgrading your log in information

I received this email as a ******FINAL WARNING**** on August 3, 2014 at 1:55 AM

Due to recent upgrades in our SSL server to serve you better, please note that all users are mandated to update their login details in other to enjoy the new upgrades and receive emails if not confirmed within 24 hours of receiving this automated mail. You are required to update through the link below.

Thanks for using Yahoo! Yahoo Team.

I did not respond and am still receiving emails. Just asking if this is legitimate and if not to make you aware of it?

Sandy Brown emmittsway@yahoo.com

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    • Aug 4, 2014

    Any email that suggests you click a link to access your account is almost certainly a phishing scam. The next bit will ask you to type in your account login details. If it was genuine it would ask you to do the upgrade next time you log in (in the normal way).


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