Developing an RSS Feed for "My Yahoo!"

I'm trying to develop an RSS feed for my website. I've got the basics down, so that My Yahoo! recognizes the channel and the topics and even the descriptions. But I cannot get the "My Yahoo! Reader" to kick in. The options for the reader state, "The Reader lets you view articles without leaving My Yahoo! when feed publishers have provided the full articles. If you prefer to read articles on the publisher's site, you can turn the Reader off for all feeds."

So ... how do I "provide a full article"? I've tried encoding a CDATA section under a content:encoded tag and also built a media:content tag, placing a CDATA section under its media:text subtag. But adding those tags only seems to confuse the My Yahoo! page, causing it to intermittently throw up errors for my feed. So what is it that it wants?

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