Content Analysis API Dead?

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We've been trying to test the Content Analysis service but are finding in many case we gets "results": null' as the response. In some cases, attempting the same query a few minutes later we'll actually get data about the submitted URL, but in the bulk of (admittedly a small sample of ~ 20 URLs tested) we will keep getting "results":null. (This includes common URLs such as 'http://www.msn.com', 'http://developer.yahoo.com')

Is the service actually working?

If this is not a limitation;
  1. is there a reason for null results (when the given URLs are accessible online)?
  2. is there a reason that data sometimes becomes available in a re-query?
  3. is this service 'production ready', or should it be considered 'unstable'?
EG, even running a simple query like "select * from contentanalysis.analyze where url='http://yahoo.com'" was returning "results":null (now it's returning "an error has occurred".


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  • Hello Len,

    When you get results:null, it only means that the query is being processed and if you try the request after some delay you will get a response back. The way it works is that when you attempt a request and the data is already not in cache the request is queued and you get an empty response back.

  • select * from contentanalysis.analyze where url="http://cnn.com"

    always return null.
  • This is really frustrating. still getting this today, its not a rate limit issue is it? really weird.


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