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Can anyone help us ?

My company has been working on a project for the last 8 months and we are stuck up at a point, where our entire project might fail if we don't solve this problem ASAP. We have created an application which sends our clients messages on SMS and Yahoo IM. But we could not find a way to connect to yahoo and send messages to our registered clients. We are using PHP. The idea is to send messages like

"Mr. XYZ buy Stock X at this Price"... our application would automatically generate the message for all our clients and make each message unique for each client. We are already shooting such personalized SMS'es to the SMS Servers. There would generally be around 100 clients for each category of message and its 100% genuie and authentic. We are not spamming or doing anything illegal. Currently our clients who would be sending such messages, manually compose each message in Yahoo Messenger and send it to their entire group, but they cannot personalize these messages.

Is there anyway possible using which we can connect to Yahoo IM Servers and send the requisite messages to our clients using PHP.

We are an extremely small company and a startup, but please if you could let us know a way out. We would be extremely thankful and would have 'IM Services Powered by Yahoo' on all pages on our site. We have spent over 50,000$ setting up our infrastructure and reaching till this point, and connecting to yahoo could be an ice-breaker for us. If it is possible in any other programming language too, then also its perfectly fine please do let us know. We have tried almost everything on the Internet and it would just not work, including phurple.

Can you please point us in the right direction.


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  • Jan 7, 2009
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