BasicReportService problems in .net

Hi Guys,

first of all, I'm new in Yahoo API (YSM) programming so i'm sorry if I'm writting in the
wrong forum. I'm using Yahoo Service Marketing API version 7 and Visual Studio 2008
for your information.
Problem occurs when I'm making .addReportRequest call on the BasicReportService object.
This method requires existence of some objects like 'Security' and 'BasicReportRequest'.
Some properties of this objects are required so I have to add them. But there is problem.
For example, for object 'BasicReportRequest' i have to add property 'reportType' but there is
no 'set' method for this class. For example:

BasicReportRequest request = BasicReportType();
request.reportName = "Report";
request.reportType = Yahoo.BasicReportType.AccountSummary; <==== this is erorr, because this property is read only.

Any help would be great.


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