BOSS API web search returns no results

We are trying to offer yahoo web results to our users and are piloting with ~100 queries per day. For approximately 10% of the queries (depending on the day), I get the following response:

{"bossresponse"=>{"responsecode"=>"200", "web"=>{"start"=>"0", "count"=>"0", "totalresults"=>"0"}}}

If I execute the exact same query upon receiving no results, I'll get results (90% of the time). What might explain this? It is concerning on two levels:

  1. My users get no results (or a delay while I retry the request)
  2. Given this is a paid API, I'm paying for failed requests

Is this a known issue that I can avoid somehow? Sometimes our requests come quickly back-to-back, is there a rate limit that I missed?

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