BBAuth Failure for certain user


My BBAuth login mechanism at http://www.petergraham.eu/demongamers/inde...page=admin_mail does not work for account demongamers@yahoo.co.uk

I created a second, dummy, account (helloimatest@yahoo.co.uk) to check if it was just this account, and it was. The login works fine (asks for confirmation after logging in) for this new user but for demongamers I get teh following error

Sorry! This service is currently unavailable.
Sorry, you are not permitted to use this service.

I have also tested weather it was because the BBAuth AppID was registered with the account I was trying to login with... by using a new AppID and Shared Secret that I registered with helloimatest instead. Still, the demongamers account fails and the helloimatest account makes it to the details confirmation page.

Why is this and how can I resolve it so that I can login with demongamers.co.uk using BBAuth?

Many thanks for your help.
Tim Morgan

ps. If you attempt to login yourself to test the service - it will merely loop back to the login after user confirmation because there is no frontend yet wink.gif

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