Apigee API Console for Yahoo Weather API

Apigee API Consoles make it easier to learn, explore and test APIs by letting you browse all methods, send and view request/response pairs and share what you are seeing with others. We currently support over 40 top APIs and we just added one for Yahoo Weather: https://apigee.com/console/yahoo-weather so you can easily find and explore forecasts by location. 

We think of the API Consoles as a "UI for APIs" - a quick, easy, interactive tool. I hope you will take a look and let us know anything we're missing, feedback, other Yahoo APIs you would like to see, etc. All APIs we support can be found on http://apigee.com/providers - including top social APIs (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace); music (Spotify, Rhapsody, Echonest); and must-have features for your apps (Twilio, Foursquare, Instagram). 

For a quick overview of the API Console features, check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtssYxMhx0U and feel free to email me at shanley@apigee.com. 


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