API Support within commercial WIN32 applications


I am new to the idea of what kind of API services and packages that might be offered through Yahoo.

I am the author/creator of Sagelight Editor and have just released it as a major version from its previous incarnation as Lightbox Editor. Sagelight is growing as an alternative to other commercial editors out there, and I am now exploring the idea of web services and, possibly, integrating it into Yahoo services (as applicable) such as e-mail, flickr, and any idea that may come along.

For example, I'm an avid user of Flickr and many Sagelight users have Flickr accounts -- some don't and I would like to better enable them to do so through the software.

I would also like to connect users to other users for discussions about their photography, pictures, and just generally being able to show their pictures.

I know that there are discussion groups on Yahoo, but Sagelight is becoming a focal point as well, and this is where I'd like to integrate that into an existing service as opposed to running through the Sagelight Discussion group; or, perhaps, integrate a Yahoo-based Sagelight Editor Discussion Group into Sagelight with intra-program/inline support rather than a purely web-based solution through a browser -- that sort of thing.

Not knowing what is offered or having too much experience with using Yahoo services, I am wondering if anyone has any advice or opinions on a couple things:

    1. In general, I am looking for good ideas about using Yahoo and Internet services to better connect Sagelight users through Sagelight and Yahoo.
    2. I would like to know what API support, in general, is available for developers of commercial Windows applications


Rob Nelson

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