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I am trying to create my own personal homepage so that I may quickly check my facebook, youtube, weather, mail, and news all in one place. I would like to add the Today module that is on Yahoo!'s homepage, to mine, and I had emailed them asking about it, all they said is that I should check out: http://developer.yahoo.com/everything.html and I cannot find anything that has anything to do with the "Today" module. Is there a widget or API I can get to achieve this, and where can I find it?

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  • Sean,

    I don't think that's possible, and it certainly wouldn't be a part of the YDN /everything page. I'm sorry someone gave you confusing advice, but that module on the Frontpage isn't really 'movable' to a personal homepage. You could probably do something similar with an RSS feed from Yahoo! News, but it wouldn't be the Today module. Sorry!


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