What is the best way to get Ad Tags?


I want to get Ad Tag for a given site ID.

I am able to get Ad Tag with the following method if i know InventoryID and SiteID

inventoryIdentifierID long The ID of the inventory identifier. Either InventoryIdentifierID or TargetingAttributeDescriptors is required. Opt RO
siteID long The ID of the site. Req RO
targetingAttributeDescriptors TargetingAttribute
The targeting attributes for the ad tag. If necessary, use the getSupportedTargetingAttributeTypes operation to retrieve the targeting attribute types that are supported in an ad tag. Either TargetingAttributeDescriptors or InventoryIdentifierID is required. Opt RO

But if inventory ID is not availabe, then I have to pass targetingAttributeDescriptors, I am able to ge the list of targetAttributeTypes using getSupportedTargetingAttributeTypes method but I don't have targetAttributeIDs to construct targetingAttributeDescriptors

How to get the targetingAttributeDescriptors?

How to get the
targetAttributeIDs ?


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