Content topics of Yahoo Ad Network

I try to create placement in Yahoo Ad Network and get an error

E3971: Placement has invalid cotent topic id.

I've read a list of Content topics using getStandardContentTopics method of TargetingDictionaryService and found a required topic (Real Estate, id = 18242501)
I've set a Placement target to Yahoo Ad Network but It does not work.


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  • So...
    I found a way to read content topics of Yahoo! Ad Network - InventorySearchService shall be used.

    I got a valid content topic, but faced the next problem - E4590: User is not authorized to perform this operation
    What does it mean?

    To your understanding - I have an user account in my own network and adding placement to Yahoo! Ad Network.
    What shall I do to be able to book?

  • So...
    It seems that Yahoo! APT v6 has a bug.
    I've successfully booked the order to the both - Yahoo! Ad NEtwork and my own network - using Yahoo APT v5.
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