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I made a request for an API and filled in all the boxes. However, when I click on send, an error message tells me that my post code is not valid. The post code is the same as it has always been. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be? it appears to be an internal cliche.


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  • Hi John,

    What Yahoo technology are you trying to get an API license for? This forum is for APT from Yahoo! API users & currently access is restricted to APT Seatholders.

    • If you are trying to request an APT from Yahoo! Sandbox API License and currently are an APT Seatholder, then please contact your APT from Yahoo! Account Manager and they will be able to assist you.

    • If you are working as a 3rd Party Dev resource for an APT Seatholder, your client will need to contact their Account Manager who can then setup time with the appropriate people to get you setup with access.

    Best Regards,
    APT from Yahoo!
    Technical Solutions Team
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