more 999 problems

I just wanted to start a new thread about this.  I must be doing something wrong i guess.  Earlier this week i found i was getting 999's because i didn;t refresh the OAUTH, now i am refreshing around every 15 minutes however now i am getting 99'2 every 35 minutes or so.  Here is my ouput..


REQUESTING http://fantasysports.yahooapis.com/fantasy/v2/players;player_keys=257.p.24788,257.p.7809,257.p.23987,257.p.24171,257.p.7306,257.p.24062,257.p.6460,257.p.2034,257.p.100034,257.p.3950,257.p.5448,257.p.7755,257.p.8263,257.p.24373,257.p.100025/stats;type=week;week=8
OAuthRequest .>>@OAuthRequest(GET, http://fantasysports.yahooapis.com/fantasy/v2/players;player_keys=257.p.24788,257.p.7809,257.p.23987,257.p.24171,257.p.7306,257.p.24062,257.p.6460,257.p.2034,257.p.100034,257.p.3950,257.p.5448,257.p.7755,257.p.8263,257.p.24373,257.p.100025/stats;type=week;week=8)
YAHOOAPIREQUESTCOUNT = 709  REFRESH_TOKEN_COUNT = 99 time 27:16 running 39
!! warning in OAUTHXMLThreadedLoader.run() response.getCode() != 999 is false
999 BODY> <HTML>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" >
<!-- Title -->
Yahoo! - 999 Unable to process request at this time -- error 999


You can see that i am making a request for some 15 players at once....and if you scroll down you can see that my usage data is 

YAHOOAPIREQUESTCOUNT = 709 i.e the amount of single requests (normally for 15 players in one request)  the app has made since launch

REFRESH_TOKEN_COUNT = 99   the amounts of requests since i refresh the OAUTH token (the expire is always oauth_expires_in=3600)

27:16 is irrelevant

39 is the minutes since the app launched.

Not sure what mistake i made here.  The app is running local as a desktop app and is not yet public.  I have just perussed the NFl Fantasy pages for a league and i think it would be far quicker to just scrape the data i need from there rather than continue with the yahoo API.  It's just too tricky.

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