mlb Game ID constant for 2014

Hi Yahoo,

Wondering where I can find the game id for 2014 fantasy baseball? The table at http://developer.yahoo.com/fantasysports/guide/game-resource.html hasn't been updated since 2012.


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    • Mar 31, 2014

    2013 - 308

    2014 - 328

    Current year - mlb

  • Just to add a little bit more to this post - the format will be:


    If you wanted to get league standing, the API call would look like: http://fantasysports.yahooapis.com/fantasy/v2/leagues;league_keys=328.l.141251/standings

  • Any idea what the NFL game ID is for 2014? I'm assuming it's going to be close to 328, so I'm going to just try numbers near there and see what I get. But if someone has the definitive answer, I'd appreciate it.

  • @mariokartman

    Current NFL game ID is 331. There is probably a better way but you can obtain the current game information with:


    2013 is 314, but I forgot how I went about obtaining that one...


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