What NHL stats are available and how to call them

Hi there, just trying to figure out if I can accomplish the following with this API: (I'm not creating / part of a fantasy leage, I just want to pull and sort nhl player stats and sort them in a meaningful way to help me choose players for the Sportsnet Fantasy Hockey powered by this Yahoo API of course :) )

(I've read through tons of documentation but I'm still having trouble, so I really appreciate the help.)

Create a web page that will:
  • Show the top 20 point-getting centres, forwards, defensemen who play the greatest number of games in the upcoming week
  • Show the top 20 goalies based on some stats like wins, GAA, and shutouts who play the greatest number of games in the upcoming week
I was able to use the yql_news_app.html example successfully to display a list of top news stories, so I'm planning on modifying that template to display stats instead of news stories unless there is a better sample template available. For example, the src URL for that app is: http://query.yahooapis.com/v1/public/yql?q=select%20*%20from%20rss%20where%20url%3D%22http%3A%2F%2Frss.news.yahoo.com%2Frss%2Ftopstories%22&format=json&callback=top_stories

Specifically what I need help with:
  • Figuring out exactly what player stats are available and how to call them, e.g., points, points in the last week, points in the last month, games to be played in the upcoming week, and player value (as in points against cap hit for each player if it exists), not based on a fantasy league, but on the 2011 nhl season in general
Once I figure out what stats are available, I can create the new URL and figure out how to display things correctly from there. I'd even be happy to accomplish this in the YQL console if I knew all the available stats. Please let me know if a documented list of all available stats exists. I couldn't find it anywhere!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I appreciate the time and effort.

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