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Thank you for stopping by to check out the Fantasy Sports API! We're really hopeful that we'll be able to build something cool together.

I'm setting up this pinned topic to aggregate general helpful information to help you get rolling with using our APIs. For right now, it'll mostly be documentation links -- hopefully we'll get some examples and tips/tricks in here over time. But let's get right into those documentation links!

Introductory Material
Fantasy Sports API home page
Introductory blog post on the YDN blog
Fantasy Sports API documentation

The above links will help describe some of the motivation for why we're getting these services out there, as well as what data is currently available and how you're supposed to access it.

Primary OAuth documentation
The OAuth Authorization Flow
OAuth libraries for various languages
Creating a New OAuth Project w/ Yahoo!

OAuth is the authentication mechanism for these services. The YDN links above describe what's happening under the covers and how you formulate the appropriate requests to pull out the authentication tokens that you'll need, but most of the time it'll be easiest to just find the appropriate library for your language of choice and plug in the right values. If you click the last link, you'll be taken to a form to create an OAuth project -- you should find Fantasy Sports under the Access Scopes section if you click the "This app requires access to private user data" radio button.

What is YQL?
Fantasy Sports data tables in the YQL console

YQL is a nice wrapper for exploring webservice data in a SQL-like fashion, and we have a couple data tables defined for Fantasy Sports. It's not even close to complete coverage, but they should give you a general idea about what data is out there and what the schema looks like. You can find our data tables if you look on the right column under "Data Tables" for "fantasysports".

Non-Commercial Use
Terms of Service thread

There are a lot of questions swirling about the non-commercial use clause in our TOS. As it stands right now, yes, we technically can only support non-commercial applications for these services -- we're actively looking into how to support commercial licenses but don't have any explicit time frame for when/if that might show up. We'll definitely let you know as soon as possible. Read the thread above for a more nuanced explanation.

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports
Fantasy Sports homepage

If you actually want to play our games, if for no other reason than to gather up some test data, that's where you should start.

Who Are We?
You'll most often see Sean Montgomery or Shane K wandering around trying to answer your questions. We're the primary developers for these services. We'll have the little Yahoo! icon beneath our names. No, we can't give you more fantasy points so you can beat your friend in your current week's matchup, even if you write a really cool application.

Hopefully all of this is enough to get you going on developing whatever crazy fantasy idea you've been waiting to implement. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in this forum!

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  • Hello,

    Can we use this to integrate into our own websites?
    I have a fantasy sports website and i want to use the YAHOO API's for player update, ranks, news, and stats.
  • @pritp:
    You'll want to make sure to note that these services are currently intended only for non-commercial applications, so depending on what sort of site you run, that may or may not be an obstacle. Otherwise, as long as we have the data in our services, you should be able to use them. Relevant to your question, I believe we do have ranks and stats data, but we don't have news available, and I'm not quite sure what you mean by "player update".
  • This thread feels hijacked. Comments should have been disabled.
  • I'm very curious about this as well as I wanted to build an iOS app. Are there any restrictions?
  • the comments as well as this post are YEARS old... Is this API viable for iOS app development? I have seen very little in terms of objective-c / iOS samples... Am I missing something?

  • Hi, i have an idea for a new live fantasy game. is this the place to share the idea?


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