Sorry Yahoo, but this is bullshit!

I'm trying to develop a small web app to assist players in fantasy basketball (roto) leagues. Afeter getting through the OAUTH hassle and fetching the data from the API, I've found that the API is missing a key stat  the games played stat. While trying to figure this out, I saw that other users are trying to get this small but important piece of data since 2010 with no avail… I’ve looked further and saw that the Yahoo team is ignoring this as well as other really basic requests from users (e.g. requests for clarifications on the terms of use) If this is the state of things, it clearly shows that the Yahoo team doesn’t give a damn about this API and its users, so you might as well tell that to the members of this forum directly.

Marissa, if you feel me – shake this place back to function!! Sincerely, Nenad

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