Question for "requires a higher security level than is provided" API Response

I'm getting the following JSON result when making an API call:

Class Object ( [error] => stdClass Object ( [lang] => en-US [description] => Authentication Error. The table fantasysports.leagues requires a higher security level than is provided, you provided APP but at least USER is expected ) )

I'm just looking for direction on whether this seems to be a problem in how I'm setting up OAuth and my API call or if it's a problem on API Key setup (I set up an application and requested read/write privileges for Fantasy Sports).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • This seems to be a question that I have seen asked quite a few times now. I would think we would see a definitive answer by now, but no such luck. Allen, since march have you had any success in resolving this? I know there is a yql parameter called use_login=' '.... I would have thought that the something would be someones yahoo Id or a guid... I just haven't been able to find anything to provide this "higher security level."

    Here's hoping!


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