Querying Leagues and League Keys


Is there a way to query a Users league's without having to refer to the game first?

Is there a query that would return all of the User's current league_key's?


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  • No, you currently need to be pretty specific about the game that you're trying to access, because we have a lot of games that aren't supported by the webservice or that don't look like the draft & trade games, and that'll confuse the service call you try to make. I'm not quite sure about your use case, but if you're just trying to not have to get the game ID, you can make a call like:


    As nfl will get translated to the current season's game for NFL. Or if you wanted the user's leagues across all the active draft & trade games, you could try something like:

  • Hi,

    I am developer I want to know that the Football API service provide by your website is having the football related data to the below mentioned UK leagues:

    1.English Premier League 2.The Championship 3.Npower League One 4.Npower League Two

  • I'd also like to know this please?


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