Pulling Fantasy Player Names + Live Fantasy Points Scored for Upcoming 2013 season

Hello everyone-

First post here but surely not the last!

I am working with a fantastic overseas developer on a brand new fantasy football website and need some technical help using the YFF API hopefully as our data source.

Our site is called RotoChatter.com and we will put out a free weekly fantasy picks contest and track the results in order to allow fantasy geeks to show their knowledge. We will be asking our users to pick from group of 4 NFL players per question whom they believe will score the most fantasy points for that week within that group. We would like to pull not only the player data (name/team) but also the real time fantasy points scored for each of those players and display them as the games are occurring.

So here are my intro questions: 1) Can we do this (our site is coded in php/mysql) 2) If so, are there common scripts that we can apply 3) Is there a standard yahoo fantasy scoring system that needs to be applied? Can this be adjusted? 4) Do we need a current Yahoo fantasy league to access the data from or can it be done solely as an outsider? 5) When will the current teams and rosters be updated? Is this done automatically as the season progresses or do we have to do manual changes?

Thanks for any help we can get!

JEFF RotoChatter.com

  • JR
  • May 8, 2013
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  • Is the Yahoo Fantasy API dead? Why no support here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • looking to do the same for a similar site idea.


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