Pull Any Player's STAT's regardless of Fantasy Team Association


Struggling a lot with pulling YQL Queries into my web app.   I'm building a draft app and I would like to pull player specific info from Yahoo's site.  I've been setting up OAuth and it appears to work ok.  I can pull data from the fantasy api just fine.  However, I will need to do searches without knowing the player key.  So, I would like the ability to query on a player's name and nfl team affiliation to pull things such as last year's stats or direct the user back to Yahoo's Player Profile Page for news and updates.

If I run my query in the YQL Console: select * from fantasysports.players where league_key = 'league_key' and name.last like '%Kasay%';  It works fine.  I can also get the same info into the app.  I knew to select Kasay because I tried running a simple select all query without specifying any player criteria.   However, when I slightly modify the query to:

select * from fantasysports.players where league_key = '[league_key]' and name.first like '%Calvin%;  

I get nothing.  Is this a restriction of the Fantasy Sports API?  Is it a requirement that we know all player_keys before we do a search?   If not, am I not formulating the query correctly?

Thanks for your assistance.

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