Problems hitting the API after authentication

I've been searching for a clear answer on this and can't seem to find any. I would love for someone to clarify a few things. I've successfully authenticated and have a token and secret returned. eg:

token: A=vvnxl1_FhCK6FPEFbIA.p_N8cSet7Ifmye.i3mWa6hrlh7fXecZhQvumjKSXPkRGfcj2BaFSmZCWPXeW67G8kqiS4G3Z7yBRvkwLQl2p.qeSu17ttveiNpNBu0p0Kg.gqMqQxRNcfp52IlCWkKcOD3CPOSfjUSVd0XDR5mhkqZVZg1X1wYm5ciXbJHACbi4cGt3a9AnbFqU8s9tREh51GmpzF5EKP2210ISDsKs2Dc1ORrCaiQMjRBylAB29v5Lxq.EHX3lNVf1NLm6UgxQz4vwlxFpnkXS_VaVAIVF35rl4v2fqmynWVjZgf05qahMXl1Fj3IMi0aTq1ce__XVVGGnyt3e6ZWjdUQSbqSPpDELQPymUg_cwAMxXNMtvXTDD.iWemohwmQPoDehohWBv

secret: 9e17917hsjf863c220c35f3f3385b6e4cd586c84

I am trying to hit the Yahoo fantasy API, eg: https://fantasysports.yahooapis.com/fantasy/v2/leagues;league_keys=328.l.5668/standings

I get this error: Please provide valid credentials. OAuth oauth_problem=\"unable_to_determine_oauth_type\", realm=\"yahooapis.com\ Should I be appending the credentials to the api url? If so, what does that look like!??

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  • I solved my issue. looks like i just had to use http, not https. As long as I include all the required params from the documentation (https://developer.yahoo.com/oauth/guide/oauth-signing.html), it's fine. The tricky part can be creating the base64 signature.

    My app is running on node and using node-oauth which handles all that tho. Highly recommended!


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