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I am building a website called Squibbish with a few other people and there is a part of the site intended to be used by people who play Fantasy sports. We would like to connect that to Fantasy Yahoo leagues in a very neat and innovative way. To do so, we would need to be able to allow our users to post messages from our site directly into the message board of an individual's league (once they provided authentication, of course). Is there a way to do this with the current version of the Yahoo Fantasy Sports API? In other words, we would like to allow users to come to our site and then send a message to the board of whatever Yahoo! league or leagues they play in. Is this possible?

I have a few apps on my iPhone that connect directly to my Yahoo! sports fantasy leagues and they allow me to make lineup changes, view rosters, etc. Which, it seems to me, the Yahoo Fantasy API let's you do as well. Yet these apps ALSO allow you to post messages directly to the league board. How are these third party apps for smartphones able to do that?

Thanks for any answers, help or advice anyone can offer!

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