Possible to send messages to other managers?


I'm trying to build a small app where managers in a league can send messages to each other -- either privately (via email), or through the official message board.  I can't figure out how to do it, as there isn't any documentation I can find on how to send messages.

I found one example online that showed how one can retrieve messages, making a GET request to: /league/{league_key}/messages.  Is it possible to also send messages, by perhaps making a PUT request to this same URL?  Does anyone know if it's possible to send messages to managers in your league, and/or look up their email addresses to send them emails?


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  • Hi! We specifically avoid exposing user's email addresses for privacy reasons, and we don't have a formally documented API for retrieving messages. I think the one that you found is actually deprecated, in fact. :| So I don't believe there's anything in the API that will currently help you with this.
  • Ah, that's really too bad. I understand about the email address data being hidden, but providing read/write access to the messages seems really useful.  Is there any plan to add messaging functionality in the API?

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