Player Stats types are not documented

What other stats types are there? We have an example url of: /fantasy/v2/player/{player_key}/stats;type=week;week={week} But there is no indication of what other types there are, I've tried a few others but I'm not getting anything.

I would love to have something like /fantasy/v2/player/{player_key}/stats;type=season;season=2011 or /fantasy/v2/player/{player_key}/stats;type=average

Does anyone have any info on the available options?

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  • You can get the stat categories like this:


  • Ah, I think you misread. I'm looking to see what other options are available for: stats;type=week What other things can type equal? What are the options aside from "week". See how I provided a different example where I'd like to find an average instead of weekly stats.

  • How do you get Yahoo to calculate the stats for a player for a week? Do we have to calculate those manually?

  • Nevermind. It looks like you have to get the league settings and take a look at stat_modifiers to do the calculations.


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