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I have been using the Fantasy API and created a script that updates the info and stats for all the players in my database. I noticed that if I have the data returned in JSON format that the keys do not always matchup. For example, I would assume that the format of the response would be the same for all NFL quarterbacks, but this is not the case. The location of the "editorial_team_full_name" is different for Tony Romo and Eli Manning. This makes it extremely difficult to automate updates of player information. Unless of course I am missing something....?

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  • What do you mean by the "location" of the editorial team full name? Do you mean its index in the json response array?

    The Yahoo documentation (as well as a post on this messageboard) seem to indicate that the preferred method of transferring data through YDN is XML. I am partial to JSON for many reasons, but it appears that the XML -> JSON process used by Yahoo does not work properly in my initial findings.

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