No response when making "Request Token" for the OAuth Get Request Token

I'm submitting the following URL into Chrome. All that happens is that the browser displays an image of Yahoo! The rest of the screen is blank.

Should I be getting a response URL? Am I doing something wrong?

Here is my URL:

http://api.login.yahoo.com/oauth/v2/%20 get_request_token?oauth_nonce=ce1220523f778f313f76314ed3946ea5 %20&oauth_timestamp=1394746661 &oauth_consumer_key=dj0yjmk9oefsdmvuzvp6nddojmq9wvdrowvsyzrjsfv4tldnbwnhbzlnqs0tjnm9y29uc3vtzxjzywnyzxqmed03mg-- %20&oauth_signature_method=plaintext %20&oauth_signature=4eeac78148f3ed886fc93d078f55b531b4bd753c %20&oauth_version=1.0 %20&xoauth_lang_pref=%22en-us%22 %20&oauth_callback=oob

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  • Hi Ryan -

    This is the most useful (and the only article) I was ever able to find. I followed this step-by-step and have no oauth issues. It takes awhile to get it all right, but the article is very helpful.



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