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This obviously isn't live yet, but I've been developing a page that will take your take your NFL Pick'em selections and compare them with Live NFL scores. Everything works great so far with dummy Yahoo data I've been using. I'm hoping they open up the NFL pick'em API shortly so I can get things finalized.

Let me know what you think, the screenshot shows an example of Week 1 games midway through Sunday. This way you can see how completed games are treated, how live games are treated, and how future games are treated.

*Evaluates picks vs real time NFL scores to produce a 'Live Total' no more having to wait until games are final
*Different shading to highlight how good/bad pick is performing against the spread
*Feed automatically refreshes every minute for up-to-date data
*Shows home and away teams as well as current score and time remaining
*Shows team with possession and general location (Coming Soon)

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  • I'm also adding a Win Probability against the spread for Live games.
  • Updated Screenshot: Added possession, and team logos.

  • Ha, nice, very similar to our existing group picks pages for some of the other games, but we haven't been able to put together that feature for our NFL Pick'em game yet. (note: we have already designed out some of how it would look, though, so if we do end up implementing something like that within the next couple years, it's 'cause it was already in the backlog, not because we were copying you :PI'd note that any initial pass that I have at the NFL Pick'em services wouldn't have this level of detail yet, in the sense that we don't have anything built out to retrieve the team's picks yet. So that might be a little farther off than something that would, for instance, say who else is in my group or tell me what the calculated overnight standings are.
  • send me your email.. unless you can figure how to send me a private message via this forum.

    Our league has been using this one-off solution of google spreadsheets in lieu of the API for the past 2 weeks and everyone loves it.
  • yahoo get off your ass and hire this guy, dominate cbssports and give us an app for making picks. What the hell are you guys doing over there?

  • Silky, I know its been 3 years but if your spreadsheet still works, live stats was the biggest complaint I received last year after I switched everyone over from cbssports, next to NO APP of course... Please email to <SilkyJohnsonROCKS@outlook.com.> (since again yahoo is lacking something else :)


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