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I've posted here a couple times in the last year, but wanted to show everyone the latest version. I made a video based on this week's preseason games. The only MAJOR issue I'm facing is the fact that Yahoo! has not opened up the API for Pick'em leagues. Dear Yahoo!, wake up and give us access!!! As a workaround, we have a Google Spreadsheet where the picks and spreads are copied into each week.

If anyone has ideas on how to automate getting the picks via JSON or XML, or other means, I'm all ears. Otherwise, enjoy the video and let me know your feedback.



App Features

  • Shows Favored/Spread/Underdog from Yahoo
  • Includes NFL data for
    • home/away teams
    • live score
    • game time
    • ball possession, down distance, yard line
  • Totals for completed games and a live total
  • Team icons instead of team shorthand name
  • Color coded cells depending on pick status
  • Auto refresh of data every 60 seconds
  • Should work in all browsers and on cell phones

7 Replies
  • So, any action? I'd love a Yahoo Pick Em app. I've been wondering why there isn't one yet!

  • Yahoo still hasn't exposed their Pick'em games in the API, so I'm still using the same process of copying and pasting into a google spreadsheet.

    The app works great and everyone in my league loves it though.

  • The video is marked as private so I can't watch it. And where can I get the app?

  • I changed the video link from private to unlisted, so you should see it now. Thanks for calling that to my attention.

    My app only works for my league, so it wont work for anyone else's. If Yahoo would open the doors to pick'em games then I could make an app that would work for everyone.

  • No volume for the link?

  • there is no audio, you can mouse over different portions of the screen for descriptions

  • Hey Silky, I've created a blog to help people pick for Confidence Leagues, and I've always envisioned something like this (http://www.confidencepoolpicks.com). Is there a good way to contact you offline? Once you have this ready to go I'd love to help promote it, or develop my own if you don't want it promoted.


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