Is there any method to search all the players?


Hi, nice Monday.
I have got some questions.I hope you have time to answer me..

You know, I am always asking how to get all players information,, a detail information
such as one's the Receiving Yards.Fum.FumL etc ..
I wanna get all the players's information in 2009

I find I just can search 25 players every time
even I set the 'count' in 50
if it's limited, i may need manually set the start number 25,50,75.... 2075. then finished ,, there are 2082 players there
but it's really a trouble


Now I know get their ranks, but just overall Rank and a 'S' rank
and I know get the stats, but their stat_id are 0,1,2,3,4,18,57
i know state_id= 8 is Rushing rush id =9 is Rushing Yds, id = 10 is Rushing TD
id = 11 ,id = 12 ,id = 17,id= 18
I do all these just can by compare with the players real-information table.
even this. i have nowhere to know the information in other id.

so my questions are
1. How can I get all the players' information? just like the way I do? I think it's impossible, you must have a better method
2. another question may be the same . about the "count" why is it useless? i used it in a wrong method?
3. how can I get the unknown stat_id means what?

Look forwarding your reply.
thank you

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  • Ah, you have a bunch of posts on similar topics. :PShane answered a similar question about stat IDs as well -- basically, within a league context, you can find the stat mappings inside the league settings. We'll work on figuring out how to expose that information outside of a league context.

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