How to log in, stay logged in, and retrieve live fantasy team updates?


I want to know if it is possible (and how) to have someone login to their Yahoo account and retrieve live fantasy updates from teams on their account. So, I don't just want player data, I want player data that is specific to a user's team and league's scoring.

How can this be achieved? It would be a huge help if you can let me know.

Thanks, -Devin

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  • Really, really easy. First, I'd look at the OAuth documentation, which is required. Second, you create a login control that allows the user to login to their Yahoo account (via OAuth). Then you can access any of the private leagues that they are a member of. Finally, you can actually get their team roster, points, matchups, everything in real time using JSON or XML using Yahoo web services.

    This is pretty easy stuff for any web developers out there.


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