How soon are stat's updated in player resource?

I've found the following information for pulling a players stats and potential points on this page with the stats call:


How soon after a play where a player may earn fantasy points is the information updated? Is it during the game? Directly after the game? Or a certain time of the week even?

I'm also guessing that the players stats return their total number of points for the season at that point. If anyone can verify that would be great. I ask because I'm thinking of utilizing this option I might be able to update an application every 5 minutes or so with the latest number of points each player has earned. It would be easier if there were a way to track each players points per game, but I suppose I could also log how many points the players had every 5 minutes and then call again to the API and see if there is a difference.

Otherwise, if you have any other suggestions on how to get up to date point information for players for individual games as it comes in, that would be great!


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