Help finding a few pieces of information in the Fantasy Sports APIs

There are a few pieces of information that I have so far been unable to find in the fantasy sports APIs. I am hoping they are available somewhere and I am just missing them. Any help here is appreciated.

  • Game times for games that have not yet started.
  • Scores for games currently in progress.
  • Projected points for a player. (I can find projected points for a team, but not a player.)

Is it possible to get any of this information through the fantasy sports APIs? If so, where is it?



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  • I'm also interested in similar information. One additional thing I was trying to do in my app was grab the real-life opponent of a given player (NFL in my initial stab at this, but I plan to expand to other games, especially as the season comes to a close).

    Also, I noticed you can get season totals for a player, but have only been able to do so separate from the query for weekly/daily totals - is there any way we could combine these queries to reduce round trips?

  • We have very, very little "editorial" information (as separate from "fantasy" information) in these APIs, so as it stands, you're unfortunately out of luck with regards to showing real-life team scores or game status information. :(I'll look into whether we can get anything allowing you to query multiple stat views in one request -- we've done some work in that direction but we're not sure whether the performance hit of accessing so many diverse data sources is acceptable.
  • Well, if I can put in a little plug for the "editorial" type data in a future update, it'd be hugely helpful for building an app that wants to be timely about its updates. For example, if I wanted to send a notification to my users when an injured player is still on a roster about an hour before the game start. Or even as a source for me to setup a scheduled query to check player injury status updates like 30 mins before a game. That's definitely relevant for fantasy decisions :)
  • Duly noted, thanks for the use cases! I'll follow up with our editorial guys about whether they'll ever be releasing their internal APIs externally, and I'll keep this sort of stuff in mind as we loop back to continue developing future iterations of these services. As described in another thread about the Tournament services, I'm definitely trying to squeeze more useful editorial information into the services when I can.

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