Getting MLB Team Pool from League

Is there any way to grab all the MLB teams that are used for the player pool in a custom fantasy league? Some leagues don't use the entire MLB pool (AL only, NL only, and custom).

For example, let's say a custom league only pulls from the Yankees/Reds/Cubs/Phillies (extreme example).......is there an API call I can make that will return those teams?

Thanks - Mike

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  • Not really - you're going to have to manipulate the data and run some comparisons to arrive at the team level data.

    1. You make a call to get all of the players in the league, this will give you the population to manipulate: http://fantasysports.yahooapis.com/fantasy/v2/leagues;league_keys={league_key1},{league_key2}/players

    2. Next you will need to run through the results and compare the team names to arrive at the team population names.

  • Thanks for the reply, Ben. That's pretty much what I had figured but it is nice to hear confirmation.

  • Are either of you currently able to query the fantasy baseball API and view the results?


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