Getting Fantasy Points scored by each player for a weekly matchup

Hi guys,

I'd appreciate any help on this.  

I pulled the matchup info and it only shows team scores, not individual points scored by a player in a given matchup, say Kenny Britt for week 2.

Would appreciate any pointers on the URL I need to call for this data.

I'm using this as reference:

This was my call:

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  • I am trying to do the same thing. Did you ever find an answer to this? I am assuming it has something to do with this


    but I am trying to get it with respect to the scoring in my league. Let me know if you figured it out. Thank you.
  • I believe you are looking for:


    Let me know if that works for you.
  • Thanks, Dan. Yes, that's the general idea -- a slightly more specific solution for each team in the matchup would be:


    That should give you all the players that contributed to the matchup in that week, for a H2H league. There are some restrictions about how many players we can show you stats for at any one time, so unfortunately you might not be able to get to this data in as convenient a fashion as you might hope.
  • Do either of these formats still work?


    gives me player_points for the season, but


    gives me Error status 401: Please provide valid credentials. OAuth oauth_problem="toke n_expired", realm="yahooapis.com"

    I do not need predicted points, I only want the a single player points for week 1 for a player who may or may not still be on my roster.


  • Okay, they both work if you add a trailiing slash:


    Follow-up question: Is there any way to get the roster or the stats for weeks 1 and 2?


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