GET ( or POST ) requests against URI's only ever return XML?

Is it possible to return JSON by specifying some parameter in the API call?

I see it's possible to choose between JSON/XML if you submit YQL requests, but what about non-YQL req's?

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  • I'm trying to do this as well using the technique from this post in 2010. Despite the hint from Sean Montgomery, I still get the strangest error in response to my requests when I append "?format=json" to the end of a URL:

        "error": {
            "lang": "en-US",
            "description": "Please provide valid credentials. OAuth oauth_problem=\"timestamp_refused\", realm=\"yahooapis.com\""

    The error is delivered in JSON, but nothing else is. All of my other requests work just fine if I don't append the "format=json" key/val pair. Anyone got hints on this? What are we missing?

  • Thanks Matt -- good to know .. I ended up just dealing with XML parsing for now.


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