Further research on reasons for 99 error requesting NFL player stats

Hi all/Sean.  So after doing further live research on the NFL 999 errors i have been getting the last 10 days shows interesting results.   On gameday, that is Sunday (as it's NFL) i can run my app all day (or at least it ran for 8 hours) from 10am Pacific till around 6pm  Pacific.  I use the refresh toekn every 55 minutes and i end up making a few thousand request for collections of 25 players across the day.

Now tonight is also a gameday  (CHI v PHI) however the server now fire a 999 error after only 500 request and 33 minutes.  This is what i had during testing all last week excluding gameday Sunday. 

So i guess we can surmise that the server has code that either simply allows less access Monday Thru Saturday as it believes you don't need lots of updates unless lots of team are playing.  Or (or as well) the server has code that checks to see which actual RL NFL teams are playing, and if you make frequent requests for stats for players whose team is not currently playing then it will fire a 999 error.   That would be quite clever of the server code but would mean i have to recode my app to filet out players whose data i don't need so often.. bit of a pain but doable if that is indeed the case.

If the former rule is used though then the problem is not solvable, that is if the server just allows less requests Mon thru Sat for NFL stats.

What i proved was that it certainly was not my code, or not my app that was causing 999 errors firing after 35 minutes of constant (albeit very light), rather it was some rule set used by the Fantasy API server that was causing more errors firing on days outside of Sunday.

I guess Yahoo may do this so that server bandwidth can be targetted on a time basis towards API's that have a the greatest need.

What say you Sean?


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